YEX Switzerland : Who we are?


The Young Executives Committee (YEX) is a non-profit organization part of the Italian Chamber of Commerce that has the goal of creating a valuable network among young professionals in Switzerland, of any nationality and with any work experience.
YEX organizes meetings with the aim of discussing about business, economy, science, culture, sports and any other relevant topic in today’s society. Key speakers and dedicated events are facilitated to create professional and personal opportunities, focused on career development as well on activity/company promotion on the territory. Activities range from conferences, seminars, concerts, from sport tournaments to apero’s networking and charitable events.
YEX is the perfect place where to share ideas, create social opportunities, build a broader professional network or to just meet peers from the international community.
Since YEX believes that everyone’s ideas and experience are an added-value, we welcome anyone who would like to be a speaker or a sponsor at one of the next events and encourage you to submit a proposal to the organization.

Annual membership: free