How to create a wellness effect at work

May the 2nd, 2019: YEX and GBS: Conference & Networking event – “How to create a wellness effect at work”

It has been a pleasure for YEX members to attend the conference “How to create a wellness effect at work” hosted by the Geneva Business School in their classrooms.

Elodie Caucigh, Coach & Founder of Real Life Yoga, explained how much stress can impact our life, and not only the professional one.

A very important topic for YEX attendees, who learnt what is behind our daily stress: a complex balance among the psychological, the emotional and the physical levels.
The speaker also showed and guided the audience into practical examples of stress relief: from the correct breathing and posture, to quick stretching exercises to perform even at our desks…


…Useful tips YEX members will definitely start to apply into their daily routine to stay focused or lower their stress level, depending on the occasion.

Thanks to GBS and YEX members to have co-participated in this insightful event…looking forward the next one!