Nutrition: cognitive performance and beauty

A  special event has been organized by the synergistic cooperation of two CCIG groups, Young Executives (YEX) and International Women (IWG).

The event was sponsored by Food for Health® a family company active in researching, growing and selecting natural products which couple a superior sensorial experience (aroma/taste) with high nutritional value and impact on health.

The conference held at the Coworking Voisins “Nutrition: cognitive performance and beauty”, offered an interesting perspective on food and secrets of healthy lifestyle, relevant to everyone in the room, from curious women to stressed managers.

The secrets of “nutrition for performance” and of beauty were disclosed by the insightful explanation of 2 experts, Dr. Ella Odman , medical micro nutritionist, and Dr. Giovanna Massa Saluzzo , estheticdoctor .
Dr. Odman showed that the food we eat affects our daily life, from working productivity to sleep, from learning difficulties to interpersonal feelings. Young executives are always subjected to new challenges and stress, so it was extremely interesting to understand the science behind nutritional outcomes: lower cortisol to avoid burn out, increase dopamine and noradrenaline to boost concentration and motivation, as well serotonin and melatonin to improve mood and sleep-wake rhythm.

It was interesting (and surprising for many in the audience) to hear the advice of eating proteins in the morning and smart carbs at night, thus following the above-mentioned equilibrium and impacting the corresponding neurotransmitters. Nevertheless, the brain food was exhaustively described by the speaker, and some of the most curios left with a full list of new ideas for their foody moments.
On the opposite, no surprise occurred when Dr. Saluzzo explained that the secret of healthy life is to exercise (and avoid smoking!), to have a proper nutritional plan, and to undergo aesthetic surgery with moderation and tailored for individual needs.
Rejuvenation treatments such as mesotherapy, or botulin injections, are progressing as biotechnologies do, thus providing always new solutions.

The perfect end of the evening was offered by the healthysnacks prepared by Sophie and Fred …and by the sponsor of the evening. Sergio Panzarella, Olive Oil sommelier and founder of Food for Health® , who explained that not all extra virgin olive oils have the same impact on your health because they have different levels of antioxidants. And how that directly correlates with their taste. The concept came to life clearly when the attendees tasted Ólixir, the extra virgin olive oil he produces in Sicily, an organic product, rich in taste and antioxidants.

Once again YEX and IWG have organized a successful event, thanks to which everyone, from scientist to beauty hunters, from stressed managers to sport addicted, will live healthier from tomorrow…or at least will try when they will decide what to eat or what to do to look younger!