Protect our data and work safely from home?
4 panelists of the conference on Cybersecurity & Covid 19 explain how to do it!

Thanks to the video introduction by Riccardo Galardi CEO GALARDI MEDIA NETWORK we have understood that our data travels on millions of optical fibers every day and many satellites in low orbit will soon become part of our daily life thanks to the SPACEX starlink project.

But it is Aniello Pollio, ITHUB director, who opens up the opportunities of the future by presenting us with the problem of cybersecurity as an opportunity that creates jobs and develops new skills and specialized professions of the digital age: Not just cybercrime with an expected damage in the 6 trillion of dollars in 2021, but we expect an economic return of over 300 billion dollars from the network and the it security industry by 2024. With numbers always growing.

What do we do with all this technology? here is where Federico Fiorentini, Director of Iot Domus, leader in the sector of the creation of shops and franchising chains dedicated to the iot world, is brought into play.

The scenario is clear: without a technical guide or a specialist we are left drowning in the thousands of devices that can be found in the internet markets. The problem is more serious than it seems, and it is here that iot domus makes the difference, that is to recommend, sell and install the best iot products (security cameras, home automation systems, access control systems etc.) at home or in the office thanks to a team of trained and trained people with the guarantee that everything is done in a workmanlike manner and that our data is safe.

And here is Alex Martucci, CEO of Curlad, connected directly from his Tesla, takes us into the minds of data, and how they are used to improve our lives and make things easier for us.
From the use of our simple daily technological gadgets (fitbit, iwatch, smartphone, car, fridge etc ..) the aggregation and analysis of data on the net is done to give a better experience and an improvement in the quality of our life especially in consumers final. On this level too, new professions are being created and we are increasingly moving towards a connected future.

Riccardo at the end with these 5 slides gave the important tips to work safely from home and make the best use of everyday technologies: from the PC to the internet to our mobile phone to keep in mind for every day.