Giacomo Miceli: The Business of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can quantum physics serve the business world? A difficult question YEX tried to answer on February 18 th thanks to another interesting seminar hosted at Geneva Business school.
Giacomo Miceli, Sr Research Scientist at EPFL, has spoken about “The Business of Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, a very actual topic on which all YEX members – from scientists to bankers – were fascinated to hear about.

We learnt how atoms cluster together, but also how machine learning still needs humans and scientists to be their supervisors.
The fear of having computers replacing us seems far away when it comes to ethical decisions – like the ones that a software installed in self-driving cars has to face in dangerous situations. Nevertheless, in terms of data feeding, AI is a sort of beast compared to men, recognizing and elaborating data in picoseconds compared to the “slow” seconds which represent humans’ (normal) reaction time.

And going back to clustering and networks, what humans do in society (like people starting to create a wave in a stadium to support their team) can be reproduced at the atomic level through specific laws, or algorithms.

Machines can do what we do, and how? An interdisciplinary discussion kept YEX members attention high until the end of the presentation, when Giacomo reminded us that “AI will not replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t ”.


A great 2019 first event for YEX and its members, thanks to all the attendees and to our guest speaker Giacomo!


-The Business of Artificial Intelligence- VIDEO Images by Federica Rodeschi – Editing Riccardo Galardi –