Everything you wanted to know but never dared to ask about plastic

A great start of the year with many attendees for our seminar “Everything you wanted to know but never dared to ask about plastic” at UNIGE!
Our speaker, Pierandrea Quarta, Founder and CEO of Rebo, gave us numbers and tangible examples of something each of us, as YEX and human being, are aware and responsible: plastic re usage, reduction and recycling.

The dichotomy of plastic is clear: a material which is beautiful, colorful, light, cheap, easy to work with, but which can create more damages than benefits it represents if not used in the right way…or better, if not wasted in the right way. The message the speaker gave us was indeed clear: plastic is not wrong, the problem is our single-use behavior, our way to handle and dispose this material.

Despite the full audience was aware of the climate impact, the speakers disclosed impressive numbers which will resonate for a while in YEX community: 1 Mio of plastic bottles used per minute, of which only 90K recycled, with the remaining ones ending up in the ground, burned or in the ocean, where they last up to 450 years.

The problem cannot be ignored if we think that every time time we eat fish, we eat a plastic portion, which derives from OUR misbehavior of handling plastic. And the food chain is not complete…from the sea, it has been demonstrated that the same plastic portion ends up in the atmosphere, so to the rain, then to the mountains and their rivers and finally in branded plastic bottles we purchase every day.
In summary, we eat or drink the equivalent of a credit card every week. The 2050 forecast sees ocean populated by plastic, 3 times in volume than fish.

Is this enough to make our generation aware, conscious that an action is needed now? Our speaker has found a way to move from rhetoric to reality: developing and launching on the market a stainless-steel smart bottle, which measures water intake and plastic saving. This empowers the recycling ecosystems around the world, driving responsible economic development in underprivileged communities and reducing the flow of plastic into our oceans.

REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE: this is the message our speaker left us, with some dramatic images and numbers which for sure will impact the YEX daily lifestyle and in turn our environment.